The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook - Editors at America's Test Kitchen

This is the third America's Test Kitchen cookbook I've acquired ... and this time, it was out of necessity.  As a newly-diagnosed Hashimoto's thyroiditis patient, I am having to go gluten-free to help stop the anti-thyroid antibodies.  And, as someone who loves bread, all I could think about was deprivation.

Well, fortunately for me and other folks who are going gluten-free for health reasons, ATK has created a book to help deal with that.  The first section talks about the science of gluten, and what this means in terms of textures and flavors for those who are making the change.  The next section has product recommendations for things like sandwich breads, pastas and gluten-free flours.

Then you get to the recipes, which have conversions for two different commercially available gluten-free flours and the ATK blend (for which there is also a recipe).  Each recipe has an explanation for how flavor and texture of the finished product may change using different flours, and for things that you can and cannot leave out.

WIthout this book, I would not have known that xanthan gum a) could be purchased as a consumer or b) that it would be required to make many baked goods stabilize.  Nor would I have known which commercial products to try and which to avoid in my journey ... and that's on top of the many tasty recipes.

Highly recommended for those dealing with Hashi's, celiac, and other gulten intolerances.