Murder in Montmartre (Aimee Leduc Investigations, No. 6) - Cara Black

Computer detective Aimee Leduc just can't seem to stay out of trouble. This time, while she's trying to help clear a childhood friend, police officer Laure Rousseau, who has been accused of shooting her partner, Leduc runs afoul of Corsican separatists.

The thing I like best about this series is Aimee herself. She's not perfect, having her own demons to manage (almost always relating to her father's death). This time, she's also wrestling with the fact that her boyfriend left her ... and with trying to get her clients to pay up on time so that she, the dog, and her business partner can eat.

Cara Black always gets the details right on Paris (I have heard that she will walk around a given block 10 times to make sure she gets the businesses, etc., in the right place), as well as creating interesting "whodunnits." I find myself surprised by the reveal, more often than not ... and that takes some doing.

The only challenge is that the books really do need to be read in order. I read two out of sequence and felt the lack of continuity quite distinctly. I highly recommend the series to Francophiles and mystery lovers alike ... but be sure to start with number one.