Why Kings Confess - C.S. Harris

I continue to be impressed by this series of Regency-era historical mysteries.

In this latest tale, Lord Devlin, Sebastian St. Cyr, is awaiting the birth of his first child. His wife, Hero, is having a rather complicated pregnancy ... to say the least.

In the mean while, a French physician is found murdered in the St. Katharine's neighborhood ... with his heart cut out. Sebastian's friend, Paul Gibson, is looking into the matter from a medical perspective. This causes the two men to become acquainted with several members of the exiled French Bourbon household, as well as some men who have come to England on behalf of Napoleon's government ... and then ensues all matter of additional complications to the tale.

C.S. Harris gives us an outstanding look into the complicated politics of the period, as well as creating new characters who are just as multi-dimensional as the rest of the folk who people her stories. The "good guys" are far from perfect, and the "bad guys" are not cardboard stereotypes. That I once again failed to see the "whodunnit" coming impresses me tremendously each and every time.

Highly recommended.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/913932737