Unconventional: Twenty-Two Tales of Paranormal Gatherings Under the Guise of Conventions - Kate Kaynak, Trisha Wooldridge

It's extremely rare that I give five stars to an anthology. Usually they're fairly uneven ... but this time, all 22 stories are high quality entertainment (even if not all of them were to my personal taste).

The premise is this: supernatural/paranormal things are happening at conventions and gatherings. This means that supernatural beings can hide in plain sight: think werewolves hiding at dog shows (as happens in one tail) and a fairy with copper wings at a steampunk convention. Those are just two of the situations that you find in "UnCONventional."

My favorites were "Photo of a Mermaid," by Trisha J. Woolridge, in which mermaids are hanging out on and around cruise ships, and "What We Found in Our Room," by Will Morton, in which visitors to a fantasy convention find a unicorn in their hotel suite. A close third was "Steampunk Fairy Chick," by Anthony Francis, in which the aforementioned copper-winged fairy has to save the world during Atlanta's annual Dragon*Con.

The main thing that made this book entertaining for me is the sociological look at fan convention culture that wiggles into each tale. Highly recommended.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/955306460