Every Hidden Thing - Elaine (Macy) Young

This book crosses at least two generations of a number of families, all connected to events in World War II.


College Professor Ari Mayer recognizes the man who killed his Jewish father amongst a group of French government officials, and goes to an interested newspaper reporter with the information he has about the matter. He also tells his long-time friend, and family lawyer, Michel Galliard about the documents in his possession. Mayer also hires an assistant, Libby Wentworth, to help him organizes his office ... and this puts the completely uninvolved Libby smack in the middle of all kinds of political intrigue.


Some of the subplots are extraordinarily complicated, almost too much so, as various factions prove themselves willing to kill over Ari's files and a family photo album.


The book is set primarily in Paris and Venice, and the author's descriptions of both locations are rich with detail.


Sure to be interest to those who enjoy political thrillers.