The Christmas Kitten - Alyson Kent

This is a cute romance novella about Sara Jones, a college junior who works in her town's library. When her car wrecks during a winter storm, she is rescued by Brian MacAdams ... who has also rescued the titular kitten.

The story is cute, although I didn't feel much chemistry between Sara and Brian. However, I also kept being pulled out of the story by homophone errors (e.g., Noah's "Arc" and car "breaks"), possessive/plural confusion, and that/who confusion. There's also a lot of passive voice here; the author is very fond of the pluperfect tense.

And none of these are even my biggest gripe, if the truth be told. Sure, I knocked off one star for those ... but the second star was because of the book design. The cover is a lovely Christmas card ... with *no kitten.* Given the title of the book, you would think there would be a kitten *somewhere* on the cover. It seems as though a key conversation between author and designer did not take place.