Murder Below Montparnasse (Aimee Leduc Investigation)

Murder Below Montparnasse - Cara Black Aimee Leduc has a problem. Her partner in Leduc Investigations, Rene, has taken a job in Silicon Valley -- which means a seriously increased workload. Her boyfriend is working undercover (and she's seen him kissing another woman). And now, she's trying to help recover a missing Modigliani portrait -- that she was originally hired to protect -- and everyone whom she talks to about it winds up dead.This outing in Cara Black's outstanding Aimee Leduc series takes us into Paris' Russian emigre scene, as well as dealing with politics and art history. Throw in an appearance by Aimee's long-missing mother -- who is wanted by Interpol -- and the plot really thickens. I finished this book on my way to Paris, and found it quite atmospheric. One of the hardest things I find about reviewing mysteries is getting across the fun of the plot without giving away spoilers. Suffice it to say that this book delivers on all counts and I cannot recommend it highly enough.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)