The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next Series #1)

The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next Series #1) - Jasper Fforde's "The Eyre Affair" is one of the most clever novels I have ever had the pleasure to read. Like Terry Pratchett, the better read one is, the more amusing they will find the book.Protagonist Thursday Next is a LiteraTec agent -- her job is protect original manuscripts and prevent forgeries -- in a futuristic London (although the year is 1985). Along with her partner Bowden Cable, she investigates not only the theft of an original Dickens manuscript ("Martin Chuzzlewit"), but also one of its characters; Mr. Quaverly is taken from the book and murdered in modern times, thus altering the story.The book takes its title from the the Bronte novel "Jane Eyre"; in the course of her duties, Thursday needs to return Jane Eyre to the story (Jane has been abducted) since the book, in the first person, suddenly disappears at one point in the narrative.Fforde's writing is fast-paced and amusing, and I am delighted to have been introduced to a brilliant author.