Darling Jim: A Novel

Darling Jim - Christian Moerk Danish author Christian Moerk has done something that I, honestly, would have wagered against: created a brilliant modern gothic novel that combines the best of suspense and the ancient Irish art of the seanchai, or storyteller.With his semi-epistolary novel "Darling Jim," Moerk introduces us to Jim Quick, a charismatic storyteller, and three of the women whom he seduces (two sisters and their aunt). The sisters' two posthumous diaries are found by a local postman, and it is he who ultimately uncovers the complete truth of the situation.Moerk's prose is executed with such skill that readers will feel as though they are in the midst of each scene, whether a bucolic Irish country village scene or the horrors described in the sisters' journals."Darling Jim" is not only one of the finest debut novels I have read, but also one of the best suspense tales. Highly recommended for those who enjoy a true page-turner.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)