Prayers for Sale

Prayers for Sale - Sandra Dallas Sandra Dallas' novel takes its title from a sign on Hennie Comfort's fence, carved when she was "so happy that she had prayers for sale, since there was nothing to ask for." Hennie is an 86-year-old twice-widowed woman living in a small mining town called Middle Swan, Colorado, during the Great Depression.The "prayers for sale" sign brings Nit Spindle, a 17-year-old newlywed girl, to Hennie's door, requesting a prayer for her stillborn daughter Effie. The two women become fast friends, and Hennie shares her many stories of life during the Civil War and in the little mining town with Nit as the two work on quilting projects or pick berries together.The book is filled with both laughter- and tear-inducing stories of the people of Middle Swan, told through Hennie's observations. Dallas' writing is engaging and her characters well-drawn. By the end of the book, readers will feel like they have made a group of interesting new friends.(Review based on advance reader copy with three-chapter audiobook sampler.)