Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love - Larry Levin When Larry Levin and his two sons take their beloved and very ill cat Buzzy for his final trip to the vet, the last thing they expect is to fall in love with a puppy. Especially not a puppy who has been used as a bait dog ... a dog who will not fight against other dogs who have been trained to kill it.Yet, that is precisely what happens. The dog, whom they name Oogy, has only one ear and a face so badly scarred that the animal requires major plastic surgery. Yet, the Levin family sees something special in a dog that turns out to be far more gentle than his appearance and breeding might lead many to expect.Levin writes of his experiences as an adoptive father, and draws apt comparisons to bringing the puppy, abandoned and left to die, into the family. The entire dynamic changes, as one might expect, with a whole new type of love to share.Those who read my reviews regularly know that I am an animal lover. This book shows the reality of dog fighting's victims, and yet proves inspirational at the same time. Despite everything that he has experienced at the hands of human beings, Oogy still has a heart filled with love, bravery and generosity.Not to be missed if you're an animal lover like me.