In the Shadow of the Lamp

In the Shadow of the Lamp - Susanne Dunlap This is the second of Susanne Dunlap's YA novels I have read. While "In The Shadow of the Lamp" is clearly well-researched, and covers a fascinating time period in history (as well as one of its most interesting women, Florence Nightingale), I just didn't like it as much as I did The Musician's Daughter.I guess I found some of the heroine's circumstances entirely too convenient. For example, when illiterate Molly hears a newspaper seller talking about how Miss Nightingale is looking for nurses -- just after Molly is dismissed from a maid's position -- she also happens to hear someone reading the story aloud so that she knows what is going on.I did find Molly likable nevertheless, and her experiences at Scutari and Balaclava as a nurse accurately reflect both the battlefield and hospital situations during the Crimean War.