The Lion's Lair

The Lion's Lair - Lynne Marie This is the story of Sir Morgan, a knight who takes over a castle inhabited by Lady Katriona. As is often the case with romance novels, first they hate each other, then they love each other -- and they all live happily ever after.I had a really difficult time connecting with either one of the protagonists, to be honest. Katriona behaved like a brat throughout (and in ways that were unlikely at best, given the time period) and Morgan was just as bad. I wanted to slap both of them more and more frequently as the book wore on.This was a disappointment to me, because I enjoyed the author's other book ([b:The Seahawk's Sanctuary|11092118|The Seahawk's Sanctuary|Lynne Marie||16013963]) a great deal. I realize that this book came first, but I didn't expect to find characters who were so two-dimensional (like villains with no motivation except being bad ... and plot holes about them that are never satisfactorily resolved).The thing is this: Lynne Marie is a good writer. She knows how to create scenes that draw you in, and includes lots of good detail that is almost 100 percent historically accurate. She creates an interesting plot as well. I just could not connect with this story, right through until the end -- and it is highly likely that this has more to do with me than with the book.