Fodor's Paris 2013

Fodor's Paris 2013 - Fodor's Travel Publications Inc. The Fodor's Paris 2013 book is the latest guide I've read in preparation for a trip next year. What sets this book apart from the others is the tips and insights from TripAdvisor website users, in addition to the information provided by the travel writers.The book is well-written, and the photographs and maps are great. However, I find myself with the same complaint about this book that I've had with a couple of others: the book is not arranged by arrondissement (district) -- although the travel maps and city information is broken down just that way. If one is unfamiliar with neighborhood names, it is tricky to figure out where you'll find things. Sure, the arrondissement information is in the listing, buried at the end. I've only seen one book that says "here are the things in the 4th arrondissement that we think are worth seeing," rather than assuming that someone knows Bercy from Belleville.I liked the insider tips from fellow travelers, and I also liked the annotations about places where inexpensive dining and bargain shopping can be found -- even in Paris. I just wasn't crazy about the way the book is set up.