Evidence (Alex Delaware Series #24)

Evidence (Alex Delaware, #24) - Jonathan Kellerman, John Rubinstein Maybe it was the narrator, maybe it was the story line. I can't say for sure, but I had a difficult time following this audio-book. In fact, I started it over again when after Disc 3 to try to figure out where I got lost.It didn't help much.The plot line involves murder victims found at a construction site -- which is subsequently torched in an arson case. Detective Milo Sturgis is on the job, assisted by psychologist Alex Delaware -- two of my favorite protagonists in Kellerman's ouevre.Even still, this one just didn't grab me. There were a lot of interrelated characters, which was all well and good, but sometimes the solutions and clues were so coincidental to the action that I found myself shaking my head.I must admit that I was not crazy about narrator John Rubinstein, despite his excellent resume (including a Tony award). Some of his vocal characterizations were so stereotypical that they bordered on racism to me. Others may not see it the same way, which is okay. I just didn't care for him as a reader.