The Parisian Diet: How to Reach Your Right Weight and Stay There

The Parisian Diet: How to Reach Your Right Weight and Stay There - Jean-Michel Cohen Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen is one of France's leading nutritionists, and presents his eating plan information in this volume.First, he tackles some of the issues that can lead to weight gain and makes common-sense recommendations about dealing with them -- because not all weight gain is caused by food. He deals with issues like menopause, microstress, medication side effects and more -- issues which are often not addressed in books of this nature.Then, he leads into the three-phase part of his plan. Cleverly titled "Cafe," "Bistro" and "Gourmet," each portion of the plan includes information about how and why it works, and then has menus and recipes.And here is where the problem comes in.Early on in the book, Cohen states that 68 percent of French people eat lunch at home during the work week, and his plan seems predicated on the idea that everyone has the ability, or at least the option, to do the same. Menus sound tasty, but often require 25 minutes of preparation time for the mid-day meal. Cohen recommends taking 20-30 minutes to enjoy a meal mindfully, without the distraction of working or reading while dining. However, if one's lunch period is only 30 minutes, and (assuming access to a full stove set-up at work) a meal takes 25 minutes to prepare, this advice is far from practical.There are good things to be found here, like actual portion sizes, substitutions that may be made in the event that one of the items is something that one does not care for or cannot eat due to allergies, and so on. There are practical recommendations on menu choices while dining out, across a variety of ethnic foods.It's good information, and if one is a person of relative leisure who can make cooked meals three times a day, I have no doubt that it would be quite useful in making lifestyle changes. For my part, I will take the information I am able to use as a working American woman and proceed from there.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)