Citizen Zero

Citizen Zero - Mark Cantrell David Mills has been on the dole, looking for work, for several years. When he reports to the Job Centre, he is told about Job Net, a virtual reality job hunting system that allows potential employees to interview for work all over the world. He is skeptical, but signs up for the program.Of course, nothing is quite as splendid as it seems.Whether or not it was the intention of the author, this dystopian tale felt to me like an appropriately scathing critique of Randian Objectivism. Unemployed, disabled or similarly "less than perfect" people are referred to by the people in power as "zeroes," seen as having no value whatsoever. Those in power, the privileged class, believe it is appropriate to further disenfranchise or even, ultimately, destroy the "zeroes" since they are not seen as making any contribution whatsoever to society.Of course, revolution is inevitable.This is a tightly constructed, futuristic piece. I'm hesitant to call it science fiction, although it contains elements thereof. It's more of a cautionary tale, in my mind.Well written and highly recommended.