FOR LOVE AND VENGEANCE - Johnny Ray Author Johnny Ray's FOR LOVE AND VENGEANCE is a tightly constructed spy thriller that takes us from the shores of Florida to Russia, France and numerous other locations. Ray's protagonist, Royce Cianci, is a former operative who launches his own investigation into the suspiciously-timed death report on a lady he meets whilst surfing. The action is well-plotted and paced, and I enjoyed getting to know the multi-faceted characters. No one is really quite what they seem, if the truth be told, which makes for some fascinating plot twists.My one complaint is that the editing is inconsistent. There are typos that go beyond homophone errors (for example, referring to a detonator as a designator) and cause me to suspect that spell check was the primary editing tool. That's a real pity, because this is a very good book.Those who like thrillers will enjoy the tale, with the caveat mentioned above.