The Last Israelis

The Last Israelis - Noah Beck I enjoy a good high-tech thriller as much as the next person. In fact, I'm a rather ardent fan of Stephen Coonts. So, when I was offered the opportunity to review The Last Israelis, I was more than happy to accept.This is the story of a 35-member Israeli submarine team, whom we initially meet during a company picnic of sorts. That picnic is disrupted by an emergency return to duty. We see some aspects of each crew member's character during the early parts of the book, including bits about their loved ones and what is important to them.And then, the book takes a turn toward the technical in a manner that reminded me very much of The Hunt for Red October. It was suddenly all about the workings of submarines and not so much about the submariners. One certainly cannot accuse the author of failing to do his homework.That's not to say we didn't see anything of the submariners; in fact, there is a lot of dialogue by those men wherein the author makes his political positions very clear on numerous matters.Sure, it's a technical thriller; I get that. I still would have liked to see more plot- and character-driven writing than technological information and what I started viewing as propaganda based in consequential ethics. Other people may see the book differently.