Thank the Liberals for Saving America (and Why You Should)

Thank the Liberals* For Saving America - Alan Colmes If one is a self-defined "conservative" according to today's definition, this book is likely to have a whole bunch of information of which you've been unaware, or at least had not completely considered. If one is a self-defined liberal or progressive, it may not have much that is new to you.However, Alan Colmes lays out his case that, technically speaking, all Americans are liberals because of the country's legal basis in liberty. He examines the Constitution right off the bat, and explains its basis in liberal thinking. He then moves on to financial, employment and social issues (including demonstrating how even conservatives become more liberal when they are personally affected by those issues).Right up to the minute with issues and political science covered via exceptional research (more than 12 pages of endnotes document Colmes' findings), this is a book that I really think everyone could benefit from reading. Unfortunately, I would also wager that the folks most likely to need the information contained in this volume are the ones least likely to pick it up. :-/