In the Brief Eternal Silence

In the Brief Eternal Silence - Rebecca Melvin It takes a lot to get me to abandon a book; it has happened fewer than a dozen times in my entire life. Unfortunately 25 percent of the way into this book, I can take no more.The shoddy editing, no discernible plot that makes any sense, and characters I couldn't care less about were bad enough. The author's failure to comprehend even the basics of English etiquette (for example, one does not address a duke as "Miduke," nor a dowager duchess as "Dowager") grated at every turn. Then there were grammatical errors such as "damnedably" where "damnably" was meant, run-on sentences that went on for more than 50 words in a couple of cases ... and my favorite, "his eyes razed her." I do not think the author, who now runs a small press, knows what that word means or she would not have used it.Honestly, I found myself embarrassed for the author. The idea (what I could discern of it) of her book had some merit, but the execution was dreadful.