Walking for Peace: An Inner Journey

Walking for Peace: An Inner Journey - Mony Dojeiji This book came to my attention during the Global eBook Awards ceremony, where it had a much-deserved win. While the authors could have taken the easy way out and written a travelogue about their walk from Rome to Jerusalem, they instead wrote frankly about the problems and blessings they encountered, as well as the metaphysical growth they underwent.I often found myself putting my eReader down for a time in order to examine not only what had just happened in the book, but also my emotional reactions to it. What Mony and Alberto learned along the way had a great deal to do with human interconnectedness and the need to overcome prejudice ... something I find myself talking about (sadly, sometimes in vain) with people in my circle, and something to which I am reminded that I still occasionally fall prey myself.In any event, the two friends begin this lengthy walk at a time when both of them are free to travel for as long as they want or are able to do, and they find themselves challenged not only by weather, border crossings and religious belief but also by one another as their relationship deepens.This is a beautiful, spiritual book that also happens to contain some of the most lovely travel writing I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Highly recommended.