Maria's Duck Tales: Wildlife Stories from My Garden

Maria's Duck Tales: Wildlife Stories from My Garden - Maria Daddino "Maria's Duck Tales" came to my attention during the Global eBook Awards ceremony, during which it won in its category. I made a note to myself that this book needed to go on my reading list, and I'm glad I did.Maria Daddino's prose is lovely as she writes about her beloved ducks, birds and other wildlife visitors to the gardens at her various homes. She talks about the importance of animals to ecological balance, and the importance of caring for wildlife in urban areas ... but most of all, she talks about her ducks.I found myself chuckling or crying at different points in the narrative, because the animals began to feel like friends of mine as well. Maria brought me right into her National Wildlife Federation-certified gardens with each story about Patches, Peanut, Robert and all of the other members of her duck families.The book is beautifully illustrated with charming drawings of some of the animals about whom Maria writes.This book is highly recommended, and it's clear to me why it has received so many accolades.