Pocket London (Lonely Planet Pocket Guides)

Pocket London - Damian Harper, Lonely Planet We're preparing for a third visit to London, so I am gathering guidebooks left and right to make sure we have the latest information. This small volume (it is barely the size of my hand), published in May 2012, even covers information about the Olympic Village -- that's how up-to-date it is. With an included map and recommendations for restaurants, attractions and so on that include places off the beaten path as well as the big ticket items, it's the kind of book that will definitely go in the suitcase. Despite having been to London before and read a great deal about the city over the years, I still found information in this book of which I had previously been unaware. It's packed with facts, suggestions and "survival guide" material like important phone numbers, how to use the phone, electrical outlets and such. If you are planning a trip, or even like to travel from your armchair, this little book is an outstanding addition to your library.