Recall! Return of the IRR

Recall! Return of the IRR - Doug DePew This book took me back in time. During Operation Desert Shield/Storm, I was the deputy public affairs officer for a military medical center. During those conflicts, author Doug DePew was recalled to active duty as potential backfill for casualties (some of whom came through the medical center where I worked).DePew outlines his plans to become a recording engineer -- plans he was well on his way to accomplishing -- that were interrupted by his recall. He then shows his readers exactly what it's like to be brought back on active duty during a confusing time (no orders beyond what got the soldiers back on-base, no schedules ... but plenty of time for physical training).DePew does a great job of explaining both the psychological and physiological effects of recall, and brings readers right into the barracks with him. His fellow servicemen become like buddies for us as we get to know their stories and see their hopes and fears.Well-done and highly recommended for those who enjoy military memoirs.