To the Ending of the World (The Volcano Lady, #2)

To the Ending of the World (The Volcano Lady, #2) - T.E. MacArthur In the much-anticipated second volume of T. E. MacArthur's Volcano Lady series, protagonist Dr. Letticia Gantry has escaped from Robur the Conqueror. She and Civil War veteran Tom Turner are determined to rescue Professor Rajiv Pierce and get him safely aboard the Nautilus.Of course, there's many a twist and turn to this simple intention as Lettie and Tom find themselves once again in Robur's clutches. They all wind up on a little island in the Sunda Strait: Krakatoa.As with the previous book, MacArthur creates a steampunk tale that is far more than shiny machines. Her characters are intriguing and entertaining. Her inventions for the tale (the Tipsy, an underwater pneumatic tube telegraph system, just to name one example) seem plausible based on technology available at the time. Furthermore, MacArthur's vulcanologist heroine uses only knowledge that was available during the late 19th C., the time period in which the book takes place.MacArthur has clearly done her homework on etiquette, fashion, the state of science and medicine and more. It makes for a pleasant and believable read. I eagerly await the next book.