By A Thread

By A Thread - Marty Beaudet Marty Beaudet's espionage thriller is quite an entertaining and fast-paced read. We start with Mormon missionary, Elder Kevin "Red" Davis, proselytizing on the streets of Vienna with his partner, Elder Craig Pearson. They are approached by a young Muslim man named Jassim ... an unusual occurrence, to say the least.At the same time, the President of the United States is killed, the Vice President rendered comatose, and a conservative Supreme Court throws out the Act of Succession in order to keep a woman from being Acting President.The remainder of the book deals with how these incidents are related (and they are).Beaudet brings us directly into two unusual and seldom-discussed worlds: the restrictive life of the Mormon missionary and the equally proscriptive life of intelligence agents. Intertwining the two would seem an unlikely plot, but it does indeed work and keeps the reader right on the edge of the chair.This book was a real "page-turner" (despite being on my e-reader) for me. I originally purchased my copy at Smashwords, but understand that the work is temporarily only available via Amazon. Highly recommended.