The Dragon Ring (Harper Errant, #1)

The Dragon Ring - Maggie Secara Author Maggie Secara has done something truly splendid here: she's combined an outstanding knowledge of history and theatre into an urban fantasy worthy of Charles de Lint. Frankly, I can think of no higher praise.The protagonist, Ben Harper, is a reality TV show host and traditional musician. He manages to run afoul of the fae near his Dartmoor home on numerous levels, and breaks an important artifact in a fit of rage that only makes matters worse. The artifact in question is the titular dragon ring, made from fairy gold. Then, Titania decides she wants Ben's son ... can nothing else go wrong? Oh, of course it can.So, now he must go back through history to find the pieces he broke in order to restore the ring (it is a little confusing on the surface, but rest assured that it all comes together soon enough) and save his son. With the help of Oberon, Odin and a fae youth named Raven, Ben goes on a journey through the 9th, 16th and 18th centuries.I didn't want to put this book down, if truth be told. I look forward to the rest of the forthcoming trilogy.