Paris in Love

Paris in Love - Eloisa James Best-selling romance author (and professor of Shakespearean studies) Eloisa James makes a decision upon learning she's survived breast cancer: she wants to take a sabbatical and live in Paris. Her husband agrees to do the same, so they sell their suburban home, pack up their two children and take off for the City of Light.The book covers the entire year, each chapter starting with an essay and then followed by a combination of Twitter and Facebook updates that capture the immediacy of each experience. She also writes about her Italian in-laws and their chubby Chihuahua, her childrens' experiences in the Italian school that they are sure they will fail, shopping for groceries, and the personalities in her 9th arrondissement (municipal district) neighborhood. My particular favorite entries were the ones having to do with museums; there are a great many small museums to which James takes family and visiting friends and she captured the personality of each in the snippets she wrote about her day. (She also includes a list of places to go and things to do at the end of the book, with website, address, etc., that will be of particular use to visitors.)James' voice is friendly and amusing, so it's very much like reading a letter from a chatty friend. I didn't want to put the book down, to be honest.Francophiles are sure to enjoy this little slice of Parisian life. Highly recommended.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)