The Bobbsey Twins at School

The Bobbsey Twins at School - Laura Lee Hope Another cute tale in the Bobbsey series, this one seeing them at the beginning of a school year.The adventures begin when their train is delayed by another train's wreck -- a train that belongs go a circus. The Bobbseys' cat, Snoop, disappears in the hubbub ... and they find a dog, Snap, who does a great many tricks. Not too surprisingly, Snap belonged to the circus.The "lesson" in this book was about the badness of smoking cigarettes ... as portrayed by the bully, Danny Rugg, and his pals constantly doing so and trying to get Bert Bobbsey to join them.As always with these books, it pays to remember that they were written in the very early 20th Century. Some of the attitudes displayed are no longer considered appropriate, but the books are still a charming read.