The First Excellence ~ Fa-ling's Map

The First Excellence ~ Fa-ling's Map - Donna Carrick I obtained this book via Smashwords some time ago and only recently got around to reading it. Unfortunately, the author has removed it from Smashwords and I am unable to review it at the source.This is the story of Fa-ling, a Chinese adoptee who has gone back to the land of her birth to try to learn more about her birth family. She is part of a tour of couples who are adopting Chinese infants and toddlers. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, the group finds itself at the center of political intrigue.Fa-ling and police detective Wang Yong-Qi start looking into matters on their own and, naturally enough, become attracted to one another -- which leads to another set of challenges.I thought the book was well-written, with interesting characters. There were some formatting issues in the ePub edition I read, with type being almost microscopic at times and gigantic at others. Furthermore, the double-spaced formatting was a little distracting. Perhaps other editions are not plagued with these issues. The book was well worth reading in spite of these matters, and I recommend it to those with an interest in the subject matter.