Victims (Alex Delaware Series #27)

Victims - Jonathan Kellerman The latest in Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware series is a real page-turner. This time, psychiatrist Delaware and police lieutenant Milo Sturgis are dealing with a serial killer reminiscent of Jack the Ripper. The difference? None of the victims have similar backgrounds.Or so Delaware and Sturgis believe. As the tale unfolds, we learn more about each victim, as well as the killer, and how they may have been connected. There is a pattern, but not necessarily one that you see coming.The police procedurals are, as always, outstanding in this book. The characters are well-drawn, including the villain. You never know what you are going to find on the next page of Kellerman's books, which is what makes them so entertaining for mystery buffs like me. Highly recommended.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)