Honor - Jaimey Grant "Honor" is the story of one of my favorite characters from Jaimey Grant's Regency world, Lady Verena Westbridge. The tale begins with Verena fleeing her home rather than marry the depraved gentleman chosen by her father.As is often the case with romance novels, the story sees Verena pretending to be a lady's maid. She has the necessary skills because her father, an earl, did not see fit to provide her with one. In any event, scandal eventually ensues and Verena is whisked into a marriage of convenience by Lord Connor Northwicke. The action is fast-paced as we watch the two of them try to negotiate their way through society and life together, and as the story of Verena's past unfolds.I did see the "who caused the scandal" coming fairly easily, but that is *likewise* often the case with romance novels.The book also introduces two of my favorite characters from the series, Bri and Adam (who are featured in Betrayal, my favorite of Ms. Grant's tales).Fans of Regency romance are sure to enjoy "Honor."