Redemption - Jaimey Grant "Redemption" is one of Jaimey Grant's earlier works. In this tale, twins Miles and Darius fall in love with twins Jenny and Gwen. While this may seem a trifle cliched, Grant handles the matter deftly and has some unusual twists thrown into the mix. Miles and Dare are the sons of a gentleman while Jenny and Gwen are the daughters of a duke; therein lies the first problem. The second problem is Dare's reputation as a rakehell.As always, Grant's book is rich with Regency period detail about manners and mores, attire, furniture -- you name it. The story is well-written.Unfortunately, I had a hard time connecting with either of the purported heroines, whom I found myself describing as conniving. Others may not see them that way. By the same token, I found Dare a rather refreshing change from the standard issue Regency romance heroes.I think that Regency readers, and those who like a clean romance novel, will find a great deal to enjoy here.