For the Helpless

For the Helpless - Lori Wilson-Boggs Overall rating: 3.75 stars."For The Helpless" is the story of Detective Kelly Lowe, who is on the trail of a serial killer in Oregon (my home state). There is a great plot line and some outstanding police procedural detail here; in fact, there is a lot to like. Author Lori Boggs has included some great geographical detail to boot.Unfortunately, the book was hampered by some fairly major editorial issues. For example, there are continuity problems, with one character referred to at various times as Sylvia, Sylvie and Silvy. There are also some stylistic problems (people saying "OK" and "BBQ" in their quotations instead of "okay" and "barbecue"; people do not speak in acronyms, and I must confess that this is becoming a pet peeve of mine as a reviewer). Without getting into spoilers, I will also say that I figured out the "whodunnit" halfway through the book. I admit to reading a great many mysteries, so perhaps I've just gotten better at that over the course of time. Others may not agree, but I found it fairly easy to finger the perpetrator.Boggs' writing is excellent overall and I would not hesitate to recommend the book to fans of police procedurals, with the aforementioned caveats.