The Sisters

The Sisters - Nancy Jensen Nancy Jensen's "The Sisters" is a story of three generations impacted by one misunderstanding.Mabel and Bertie Fischer are sisters living in Kentucky during the 1920s. Their mother is deceased and their stepfather is abusive in many ways. On the day of Bertie's 8th grade graduation, Mabel runs away with Bertie's beau (Wallace). The reason is explained in the course of the book, and Mabel tries to contact Bertie many times. Bertie refuses to speak to her sister again, and thus the story begins.We see Mabel and Bertie's lives, as well as those of children and grandchildren, and how all of them are affected by this initial misunderstanding and other related events. The challenges of the Great Depression, World War II and Vietnam (among other things) are seen through the eyes of these well-rounded characters. The legacy of secrets seems to always carry on.I found Jensen's authorial style gripping; I was drawn in from the very first page. Highly recommended for those who enjoy literary fiction.(Review based on uncorrected advance proof.)