Dorothy And the Wizard in Oz (Oz, #4)

Dorothy And the Wizard in Oz (Oz, #4) - L. Frank Baum A cute book featuring many beloved characters from previous tales, like Dorothy, the Wizard, the Woggle-bug and more. In this outing, Baum also introduces Jim the cab-horse, Zeb Hugson, the people of Voe, the Gargoyles, Eureka the kitten, and several others.It's apparent that the story takes place around April 1906, as it features Dorothy and Eureka trying to get on the train in San Francisco ... and subsequently falling through the ground during an earthquake (along with Jim and Zeb). As the group tries to find its way home, they run into their old friend the Wizard, who helps them get to the Emerald City for help.Cute and entertaining.