BestsellerBound Short Story Anthology Volume 2

BestsellerBound Short Story Anthology Volume 2 - Darcia Helle,  Amy Blackwelder,  Susan Helene Gottfried,  Tom Gahan,  Jaime McDougall,  Jaleta Clegg,  Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick,  James Everington,  James Sophi,  Maria Savva The Bestseller Bound gang has done it again! This short story anthology, ably curated by Darcia Helle, brings together ten very different tales -- each of them a hit.As with any similar work, each reader will have different favorites. For me, the standouts were Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick's "Last Chance Motel and Mausoleum" (a clever paranormal tale) and Tom Gahan's "Beyond the Green Hills" (about politics and famine in early 20th century Ireland).There is something for everyone here, across a variety of genres. Highly recommended.