Flash and Bones

Flash and Bones - Kathy Reichs This may be the first time I've given fewer than five stars to a Kathy Reichs novel. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed in this one.Tempe is called out to the Charlotte Motorway because a body, encased in asphalt, is found there. The body turns out to be contaminated by ricin -- which adds an additional twist the the plot. So far, so good. However, a great deal of the book seems to focus on NASCAR and its history. I get that it's important to Charlotte, but I was far more interested in the forensics of the case -- on which the book seemed rather light this time. Is Reichs catering more to her TV audience than her readers? Hard to say, but that's my guess.Anyway, the secondary plot seems to be Tempe's ever-complicated love life, with Ryan in Montreal, Charlie on an important case ... and now the "smokin' hot" (really, the book says that) Cotton Galimore, former cop and present head of security at (you guessed it) the motorway. There were times when reading this book that I wanted to scream "Just kiss him and get it over with!"It was a good book, and I finished it in two sittings because it was the proverbial page-turner. It just wasn't at the same level I've come to expect from this author.