A Successful Life

A Successful Life - Gabriel Lawson I remarked early on in reading this book that I was sometimes amazed at the sychronicity with which certain teachings appeared in my life. Gabriel Lawson's "A Successful Life" came to my notice via an eBook publisher's annual promotion -- just at the time when I was studying and practicing the connection between visualization, positive thought and positive outcomes.Lawson relates the information he gleaned from speaking with patients at the hospice where he volunteers. All of them shared their life experiences, and what they wish they had done differently -- and it seemed that this last item was fairly universal. With the information in hand, Lawson sat out to study the science behind entrainment -- the heart/brain connection.Each section of the book starts with a teaching story about the chapter's theme and ends with practical worksheets for completion. All of these help to engage the reader and provide action steps for life improvement that *work.*Well worth reading.