French Lessons

French Lessons - Ellen Sussman "French Lessons" is the story of three French tutors and their very different students. Nico's student, Josie, is an American French teacher in mourning. Philippe's student, Riley, is an expatriate housewife who wants more out of life. Chantal's student, Jeremy, is a woodworker whose wife happens to be a film star.The book follows a single day with each pair, with both teachers and students learning something about themselves as the students not only practice their French but open up about their issues and concerns. The stories cross paths during a film shoot featuring Jeremy's wife.The prose is elegant and engaging; the book is primarily written in third-person present tense, lending an immediacy to the events. The interior design also shows maps of each pair's journey throughout Paris on the day in question.Highly recommended for those interested in French culture, or who enjoy a good literary novel.