Bestseller Bound Anthology (Volume 1)

Bestseller Bound Anthology (Volume 1) - Sharon E. Cathcart, Darcia Helle,  Jaleta Clegg,  Neil Schiller,  Gareth Lewis,  Amy Saunders,  Magnolia Belle,  Lainey Bancroft,  J. Michael Radcliffe,  Maria Savva As I have a story in this anthology, my review applies to the other nine tales.The "Bestseller Bound Anthology" has something for everyone. Genres range among science fiction, modern romance, historical fiction, crime and Westerns ... with a few stops in between. There are no "duds" in this collection. My favorite story of the lot was "The First Texas Twister," which incorporates elements of Western and supernatural fiction.Well-done across the board and definitely worth your time to read.