Footsteps in Time (After Cilmeri #1)

Footsteps in Time (After Cilmeri #1) - Sarah Woodbury There's no denying that Sarah Woodbury did a great deal of research for Footsteps in Time. She has the time period well-defined, and describes medieval Welsh culture beautifully.The book is well-written, for the most part, although at times it seems as though the book was originally composed in first-person and converted to third-person at a later date. There were also some continuity issues -- such as the family being alternately from Pennsylvania or Oregon, depending on which chapter you read.As YA historical fantasy goes, this is middle-of-the-road stuff. To be honest, I wavered between a three- and four-star rating before ultimately coming down on the higher side. My problems had to do with the teenage heroes, whom I found unbelievable. When their car runs through a snowbank and comes out into the middle of a bunch of mounted knights, do they think "Wow, this must be a film set" or "Wow, this must be a Renaissance Faire" (both of them common events?). No, they immediately go to "Wow, we must have traveled through time." Furthermore, despite having no training in tactics, etc., David (the 14-year-old boy) is suddenly quite battle-savvy; we are to presume, I guess, that he has learned all of this from video games. I really wanted to like this book far better, given the medieval history involved (to say nothing of the extensive research) ... but I just couldn't get past my lukewarm feelings about David and Anna (the 17-year-old sister).