Daughter of Deceit

Daughter of Deceit - Victoria Holt Victoria Holt was most assuredly the mistress of what we now think of as "clean" Gothic romance -- which is to say that there is some suspense, some romantic tension, and absolutely no sex."Daughter of Deceit" is no exception to the pattern. In this story, Noelle Tremaston is the adult daughter of Desiree -- a famous London actress. Desiree is well-known for taking in the proverbial waifs and strays, so she brings injured Lisa Fennell into her home. Lisa is an aspiring actress and Desiree gets her a job in the chorus. When Desiree dies under suspicious circumstances, Lisa (who had been her understudy) gets the lead in the show.Noelle has fallen in love with Roderick, the son of one of her mother's friends. There are a number of reasons revealed why the two cannot marry; Roderick marries Lisa. Noelle goes to stay in France with family friends for a time, and then things *really* get complicated.I enjoyed the book as a sort of "light read." Holt fans are sure to like it.