Domain (Domain Series #1)

Domain - Steve Alten Entertaining speculative fiction focused on the Mayan calendar "doomsday prophecy" that has so many conspiracy theorists in a twist nowadays.Alten's novel focuses on Michael Gabriel, the son of an archaeologist who discovers some information related to the Mayan calendar that no one else has found. When he begins sharing the information at a scholarly conference, his rival Pierre Borgia discredits him. At the time that the book takes place, Borgia is serving as secretary of state and has manage to have Michael committed to an asylum.Dominique is Michael's therapist. She realizes that he is not insane and helps him escape so that he can put a stop to the predicted end of the world using his father's information.There are parts of this book that crawl, and others that are so fast-paced that you don't want to put it down.