Through a Dog's Eyes

Through a Dog's Eyes: Understanding Our Dogs by Understanding How They See the World - Jennifer Arnold I've been a dog trainer for many years, generally using lupomorphic methods based on some apparently flawed concepts of wolf pack psychology. "Through a Dog's Eyes" takes a different look at the way dogs and humans connect, and about the emotion-based behavior of our canine friends.Jennifer Arnold, founder of Canine Assistants (a service dog organization), talks about the dogs in her life, the triumphs and the mistakes she made in teaching dogs to work with those in need of a service animal, and her own diagnosis with MS that led to establishing her organization. I enjoyed the first-person stories, as well as anecdotes about some of the dogs and people in the Canine Assistants program.I also gained some insights that will be used with all of my dogs in the future. Ms. Arnold includes some useful "choice training" methodologies as an appendix in the book, which will prove useful to all who live with dogs.Well done!