The Tiger Rising

The Tiger Rising - Kate DiCamillo This book was recommended to me due to my involvement in the Free Tony the Tiger project.In this book, Rob Horton and his widowed father are living in a motel in a tiny Florida town. In the woods behind the hotel, Rob finds a tiger livin in a cage. He and his friend Sistine ("Like the chapel") Bailey launch a plan to free the tiger.Rob is very shy, keeping to himself (he is called out by the author as being notable for the things he doesn't do, like thinking about his mother or crying). He is more likely to be found carving intricate animal figures out of wood than talking to friends -- with the exception of Sistine, the new girl in town, who is equally lonely and self-contained.Unfortunately, because another reviewer did not use a spoiler warning, I learned some of the things that happened in this short YA book with regard to the tiger. Rob learns a valuable lesson about the importance living free, even if for a short time, that allows him to open up emotionally again.