Warped & Wired

Warped & Wired - Joshua Caleb I wish I could explain how very much I wanted to like this book. It's a YA fantasy/sci-fi, with two female protagonists (one a teenaged human, one a "Wryter," a race of long-lived magic users -- this one is 42, but looks like a teen herself). Thrust together by circumstance, they need to go after a user of dark magic in order to foil certain plots.Things went downhill quickly, though. We had plagiarism from Star Wars (with Uncle Vi'son, the wise, old being who speaks like Yoda), Disney (a red-haired mermaid named Arielle Aerielis, married to the human Prince Eric), and H.P. Lovecraft (when the bad guy transforms into a bat-winged, tentacle-faced, clawed demon).That's to say nothing of the numerous grammar gaffes, such as your/you're confusion, "her and her mother," etc. The book would have strongly benefited from having an experienced editor review the manuscript before publication.It's all very sad, because this could have been a really outstanding story if the author had stuck to his own ideas instead of just taking them from others.