The Stolen Songbird (Vines Trinity) (Volume 1) - Dover Whitecliff, Vicki Rorke

"The Stolen Songbird" is the debut novel of writing team Dover Whitecliff and Vicki Rorke. While young adult fiction is typically not my cuppa, I think it is fair to call this tale an exception to the rule.


In what I can only describe as Hogwarts meets the Deryni, Whitecliff and Rorke have brought us into the world of young children with psychic Talents that range from healing to being able to control others via singing. The three protagonists, Harry, Shay, and Rachel, are seen first in their homes as they learn how to manage their Talents, and later as they meet for the first time on the way to Santlache Academy to further their training.


Rachel is the titular Songbird and, as one can gather from the title, she is abducted for nefarious purposes. It seems that only Harry and Shay can save her, and so they set out to do just that.


This book kept me up reading later than I planned, and turning pages as I told myself "Just one more chapter." There was an unexpected moment when a tear trickled down my cheek ... and that doesn't happen often when I read.


If you like a good adventure tale, with a little mentalist twist, this book is for you!