Unknown Book 7862587

Unknown Book 7862587 - Unknown Author 588 I'm not sure what to think of this book. The plot is good: an actress (the strong implication is that she's in porn) named Celia is trapped in a violent relationship and, though pregnant, is trying to figure out how to leave.However, there were a lot of puzzles for me. There are numerous run-on sentences, and I couldn't decide whether this was an intentional thing. Perhaps the author was going for a Kerouac stream-of-consciousness type of writing? There are also homonym disagreements ("erroneous zones" is not the same as "erogenous zones"), some downright puzzling vocabulary choices ("She went to an allude place deep inside") and misuse of "were" vs. "was."The unfortunate result of this was that I had a hard time focusing on the story. I kept getting hung up on the grammar and sentence structure, trying to figure out what the author was trying to tell me.It's a pity, because the overall premise had a great deal of potential. I had to take off stars for grammar and vocabulary problems, and I never enjoy doing that.